People have said some nice things about us over the years! Here’s a sampling:

“The Splash team is a strong contributor to any project, in addition to being an absolute pleasure to work with. I have had the luck to do documentary and fiction sound post with them, and these posed very different challenges. From hissy archival footage to a car shoot gone horribly wrong, they have met each challenge with skill, resourcefulness and a consistently upbeat approach.

My short film “PEARS”, had to be dubbed and rebuilt from scratch for a whole seven minutes. Not a soul has called me on it, no matter where this short was screened. If that’s not the ultimate testament to their peerless professionalism, I don’t know what is.

Barbara and Peter live in my contact list as the go-to sound people.”

Karen Sztajnberg, Director: Pears


“It was such a pleasure to do our sound editing and mixing at Splash Studios. The sound in our film is very delicate and nuanced, and it was really great to work with Peter and Barbara, because they have such amazing attention to detail. Their work on the sound really elevated the film as a whole.”

Lana Wilson and Martha Shane, Co-Directors: After Tiller


“Peter and Barbara patiently guided me, a new filmmaker, through the post-production sound process. They worked magic on the poorly record sound and made the song and dance sparkle on the big screen!”

Hao Wu, Director: The Road to Fame


“During the past year, I had the amazing experience of working with the team at Splash on the audio postproduction of my first feature film, CONTEST; I was very apprehensive going into this unchartered territory of the sound world in film, as I’m much more an actors’ director than I am a technology-proficient one.
However, I needn’t have been concerned one iota, since my experience at Splash was pure joy from beginning to end!

Peter and his team – Barbara, Alex and Will – did a magnificent job on every task we needed to complete for two different versions of the film (i.e. the Cartoon Network version with commercial breaks, as well as the theatrical version) – and they also generously gave me an incredible, invaluable education throughout the entire process.
They are all extremely knowledgable, technical experts – who also happen to be a great group of people to work with, and learn from – in a way that immediately puts others at ease.

As I develop my next feature-film projects, I happily anticipate my return to West 23rd Street to work with the wonderful masters at Splash; I hope to collaborate with this awesome team for decades to come!

Anthony Giunta, Director: Contest


“Tell you what, screening in front of 2000 people for our international premiere, we sure were glad Splash Studios had handled our film. It sounded absolutely amazing!”

JT Haines, Director: Gold Fever


“Fond memories of working in a comfy matchbox editing suite & your fantastic work with sound that gave life to this film. Thank you!!”

Megumi Sasaki, Director: Herb and Dorothy 


“Splash has become a home away from home–and we’ve loved it! Thanks for everything!”

Robin Hessman, Director: My Perestroika


“Doing voice-over recording, sound editing and mixing at Splash was a wonderful experience for a first time filmmaker like myself. Both Peter and Barbara so clearly love documentary films it was a pleasure to engage with them throughout the process. Their attention to detail, patience and level of professionalism was unparalleled. Thank you Barbara and Peter for all you did to elevate “Daisy Bates: First Lady of Little Rock!”

Sharon La Cruise, Director: Daisy Bates: First Lady of Little Rock


“It’s been a great pleasure to work with Peter and Barbara at Splash Studios. Their sound editing and mixing of two versions of our film “Rise and Dream” helped make our audio crisper and more vivid. “Rise and Dream” is a documentary about a very special outdoor concert in the Philippines and involves a lot of music, in addition to important interviews and ambient sound. Great audio is always essential, but dealing with so much music was even more challenging.We’re so grateful to Splash for their professionalism and expertise served up in an especially warm and personal way. Many, many thanks to Peter and Barbara! We would highly recommend their services to any filmmaker, and we look forward to working with them, and seeing them again in the future!”

Judy-Anne Goldman, Director: Rise and Dream


“Thanks to you, Avenue B sounds just like Wyoming!”

Steve Kalafer, Director: We Love You


“One phone call regarding effects and the rest is history. Thank you for everything you have both done. This film couldn’t have happened without you guys. See you on the next one!”

Marc Singer, Director: Dark Days 


“That ROAR! Clang! Clang! Splash! Thank you!”

Camilla Calamandrei, Director: The Tiger Next Door