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Top 6 best things about working from home

Top 6 awesome things about working from home:

No more morning subway rides! Don’t miss that train!

Subway crowd 02

The view out my office window! I can see trees!

Brooklyn Trees!

Getting to know the people in our neighborhood. (We love our friends at the local butcher shop!)



Being able to work and cook dinner at the same time!

cartoon read and cook

to be continued:
Next up, all of the awesome projects we worked on this past year in Brooklyn!

White Tiger – Great Korean in Prospect Heights

White Tiger Sign

To celebrate our one year anniversary we went out to dinner at one of our fav restaurants nearby.

White Tiger Brooklyn!

White Tiger has bright, cheery decor that helps to create an overall fun dining experience.

White Tiger

That and a couple glasses of rose make this a great stop for an affordable celebration!


And the bibimbap is awesome!!

Bibimbap Smaller

Next food stop … BBQ!

Happy Anniversary! One year in Fort Greene, Brooklyn!

Happy Anniv small
Today is our anniversary!
One year ago today we moved from our space on 23rd Street in Manhattan and set up shop in our apartment in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, and it has been a terrific year!

Brownstone Brooklyn 01

Biggie in Bklyn

Working from home has its challenges, like actually working instead of standing in the kitchen deciding what to make for lunch.

Barb @ Fridge Smaller

But the positives far outweigh the challenges!

to be continued ….

Podcast with Sofian Khan – Director of A Dickumentary

Enjoy our interview with Sofian Khan, the director of “A Dickumentary”.
In this interview we hear about how Sofian came up with the idea to make a documentary about the history of the penis. It is a terrific documentary by a very creative guy, and we had a great time talking with him.

The Amazing Lypsinka Brings Back Memories

The amazing Lypsinka was here in our studio!

John Epperson’s iconic alter ego stars in “Lypsinka: The Trilogy,” opens this Wednesday at The Connelly Theater. Of course, that meant heading to YouTube for clips and previews of what to expect from the show, and that search led to this: Lypsinka on the Joan Rivers Show 20 years ago!

Barbara dug through the archives and found a photo of her and Pete with the late Joan Rivers from 2008. Joan was at the studio to record an episode of Arthur (the beloved animated children’s series on PBS) in which she voiced Francine’s grandmother.

Joan Pete & Barb

The documentary about her was also being filmed, and Robin Hessman, director of the film, “My Peristroika,” knew the director of Joan’s documentary. She was very gracious and kind, and talked to Robin, Peter and Barbara about what they were working on. Barbara thought she was really sweet and had a very strong work ethic, while Pete mentioned that when she was working she was extremely focused and seemed to be very driven to work.

Pardon the late post, but the world lost many great icons this year: Joan Rivers, Robin Williams, Maya Angelou, and Philip Seymour Hoffman are only a few.

LYPSINKA logo email

Interview with Our Friends and Authors Deb Licht and Misty Hull – Part 2


Welcome back to Part 2 of our interview with Deborah Licht and Misty Hull, two of the three authors of the textbook Scientific American: Psychology, published by Worth Publishers in partnership with Scientific American. In this interview Deb and Misty talk about how they chose the characters that helped explain the different concepts of psychology. They talk about one incredible character named Julius Achon (here is a link to his story: http://youtu.be/ay2sj-J9naU?list=UUUrAayIUKPoOCjCRtmScV2w).

Cover Sci Am-Psychology

We hope to have Deb and Misty back in our studio to tell us how the book has been received in colleges across the country.

Interview with our friends and authors Deb Licht and Misty Hull – Part 1

    We talked with our good friends Deborah Licht and Misty Hull, two of the three authors of Scientific American: Psychology published in partnership with Worth Publishers and Scientific American.


    We produced the accompanying videos for the textbook. Each video features one of the people who are written into each of the chapters of the book. We enjoyed this project tremendously, because we got to meet all of these amazing people and be take part in the creation a really terrific textbook. You will find some of the videos on our website at: http://www.splash-studios.com/projects/

The Search for General Tso-part 3

This is the conclusion to our interview with Ian Cheney, Freddie Shanahan, and Sharon Shattuck–the creative team behind the documentary, The Search for General Tso. Learn what awesome projects each of these filmmakers is working on now.

Acadia Night Sky 02

And a big shout out to two terrific park rangers at Acadia National Park in Maine. We had the pleasure of lying on the beach and listening to Ranger Mike give his star talk using the coolest pointer ever as he directed our attention to particular stars and constellations! We talked to them about Ian’s film “The City Dark” which they had shown at Acadia. Thanks Ranger Mike and Ranger Jane! We hope to see you again next summer.

Ranger hat

Part 2 Interview with Ian, Freddie, and Sharon – The Search for General Tso

Enjoy Part 2 of our interview with the creative team behind The Search for General Tso. In this part of our interview we hear the team talk about post-production and how they used animation in their film.

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